How we can help

The better you are at using words, the better you are at getting what you want.

HHM are a specialist work winning consultancy.


We turn technical ideas into strong, compelling stories. Stories that win our clients multi-billion dollar contracts to build high-speed railways or fund pioneering genomics programmes to revolutionise medicine.

Central to our approach is:


Taking the pain away from bidding


Developing a strategic approach to work winning


Articulating solutions that are clear, concise and compelling

‘Turning technical ideas into strong, compelling stories’

We have over 50+ combined years of bidding experience, winning over £200bn+ in contracts for our clients.


Let us maximise your bidding potential.

Core services

Bespoke support


Struggling to get your bid off the ground or keep it on track?


We can alleviate stress points by providing expert consultants who seamlessly integrate with and enhance your current bid team – whether meticulously arranged beforehand or swiftly deployed at the critical moment.

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Total project management


Bid like the largest vendors without the crushing costs. We’re here to help remove the pain, hassle and disruption that bidding can cause to business as usual. We have a first-class team of bid professionals at the ready to help manage your project cradle to grave.

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Work winning strategy


We provide expert guidance on how to optimise your win probability and fine-tune your resources – both financial and human. With our deep pool of experience and independence, we bring insight and clarity to your strategy, planning, and overarching solution.

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Sales lifecycle


We offer a range of services designed to help you win more business and stay ahead of the competition. Our actionable market intelligence helps you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and insights in your industry, giving you the information you need to make informed decisions and ensure your ongoing success.

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