Work Winning Strategy

We provide expert guidance on how to optimise your win probability and fine-tune your resources – both financial and human.

With our deep pool of experience and independence, we bring insight and clarity to your strategy, planning, and overarching solution. We can help you:


  • Define and identify optimal bidding opportunities offering advice on the bid process and program to help you navigate the bidding landscape with ease.


  • Develop unique win themes client hot buttons, and golden threads, ensuring that your bid is compelling and resonates with the client.


  • Improve your quality scores through robust quality review gates, including black hat reviews to help you identify and address any potential weaknesses in your bid.


  • Create visually arresting and professional proposals that grab the attention of the client and make a lasting impression. Our in-house specialists will work with you to create a cohesive brand identity and message that runs through all your bid documents, making it easier for the client to remember and recognise your proposition.
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