We are a group of highly experienced and accomplished industry leaders with a wealth of expertise in bidding and consulting.

We have a proven track record of success in helping organisations effectively manage projects, win work and deliver outstanding performance.


Our deep understanding of industries that span construction, defence, healthcare, energy, and transportation, mean we are well-equipped to help our clients navigate complex procurement procedures and the unique challenges presented by each.

‘A proven team of work winning specialists’

Jesse Morgan - Hill House Morgan

Jesse Morgan


Jesse founded Hillhouse Morgan to help businesses bid better. With a meticulous focus on strategy, problem-solving, and relationship-building, Jesse has spent the last two decades working closely with clients to transform their expertise into successful proposals. Boasting an extensive background in consulting, communications and journalism, Jesse has authored several books and published over a million words. Aside from his work at Hillhouse Morgan, Jesse is also a trained lawyer, allowing him to help clients navigate the complex legal landscapes of procurement.

Thomas Veitch - Hill House Morgan

Thomas Veitch

Partner, Major Projects Director

Thomas boasts over a decade of leading complex bids, specialising in large PPP/DBFOM contracts like High Frequency Rail and the Ontario Line RSSOM in Canada, as well as key projects including the Dubai Metro and the Docklands Light Railway. His approach, methodical yet adaptive, consistently incorporates lessons from each endeavour. This, alongside effective collaboration with bid directors and extensive exposure to C-suite executives, has honed his strategic insight. His participation in multiple joint venture projects has expanded his network and enhanced his proficiency in bid review processes.

Jonathan Higgins - Hill House Morgan

Jonathan Higgins


With a strong focus on operational excellence, Jonathan’s expertise lies in a comprehensive skill set cultivated over years of experience, including extracting information by asking the right questions, transforming technical ideas into a cohesive strategic approach and guiding cross-functional teams to project completion within highly-pressurised, deadline-focused environments. Jonathan is highly experienced in the seamless coordination of bid teams, effective resource management, and navigating complex workflows on multi-billion pound opportunities.


Fergus Robertson-Howard - Hill House Morgan

Fergus Robertson-Howard

Chairman, Strategic Director

As a dynamic CEO, non-executive director, and executive board member, Fergus has amassed an exceptional track record of helping businesses transform and grow through winning new strategic contracts, market insight, business analytics and executing strategic realignments through the cultivation of a clear vision, purpose, and culture. As a bid and business development director, Fergus has an enviable track record in winning multi-billion-pound contracts – with particular success in securing incumbent business contract renewals.

Jessica Rees Middleton - Hill House Morgan

Jessica Rees Middleton

Commercial Director

Jessica is a seasoned entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in leading and scaling businesses. With an impressive track record, she has successfully grown and developed two thriving people agencies (as CCO and CEO), raising over £20m in venture capital financing. This experience has equipped her with invaluable insights into commercial strategy and executive leadership. Jessica possesses a talent for business ideation and growth modelling. Her ability to generate innovative ideas and transform them into profitable ventures has established her as a trusted advisor and a sought-after mentor in the industry.



Moritz Rommerskirchen - Hill House Morgan

Moritz Rommerskirchen

Communications Lead

Moritz brings strategic communications expertise from top-tier firms like Weber Shandwick and CNC – Communications & Network Consulting. He manages complex, cross-channel international communication strategies for major public procurement contracts. At HhM, he crafts clear, concise, and impactful bid brand and communication strategies for our clients. Moritz has a proven track record in enhancing brand visibility and guiding clients through intricate communication landscapes, especially in the transport, built environment and energy sectors.




Stuart Forbes - Hill House Morgan

Stuart Forbes

Bid Lead

Stuart is a successful bid writer, with over 10 years’ experience and has secured over £3 billion of business for clients including Arriva, Ferrovial, FirstGroup, GlaxoSmithKline, HOCHTIEF, Johnson Matthey, Kier, Save the Children International and Serco. He is very happy working with domain leads and subject matter experts through workshops, one-to-one interviews, strategy meetings and structured content delivery to create original, story-driven content that delivers on the specification requirements.

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