Luas light rail, Dublin, Ireland - €600m

Between 2018 and 2019, HhM provided bid direction and production services to Transdev in their winning bid for the Luas light rail network in Dublin.

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Project Overview


From 2018 to 2019, Hillhouse Morgan (HhM) played a crucial role in directing and producing a winning bid for Transdev for the operation of the Luas light rail network in Dublin.


The operation scope of the system was extensive, comprising 43 kilometres of track, 3 maintenance depots, 67 stops, and a fleet of 73 light rail vehicles. The bid requirements included the operation of public passenger services, maintenance of light rail vehicles, and infrastructure maintenance, including depots and track.

‘Against considerable odds Transdev won the competition, scoring both the highest quality marks and best price’

Challenges and Initial Engagement


Transdev, the incumbent operator, faced significant challenges. Its less-than-satisfactory performance and strained relationship with the client, Transport Infrastructure Ireland, presented considerable obstacles in the bidding process.


Recognising the need for a fresh narrative, HhM partnered with Transdev right from the RfQ stage to change the conversation and position them as the bidder of choice. To achieve this, we developed a suite of bespoke case studies from scratch. Our team travelled to Transdev’s European offices in Barcelona, Rouen, and Dublin to comprehensively capture and showcase Transdev’s unique service offering. This strategic approach enabled us to outshine other competitors, securing the highest possible marks at the RfQ stage.


During the critical RfP stage, Transdev asked HhM back, where we deployed a team of dedicated writers to work across all delivery plans.


Results and Conclusion


Against considerable odds and to the surprise of the market, we successfully secured the bid, thanks to our meticulous planning, exceptional writing, and dedicated teamwork.


Our winning bid, which scored the highest quality marks, was delivered punctually and within the budget. This accomplishment underlines HhM’s ability to turn around challenging scenarios and deliver excellent results through strategic planning, insightful execution, and dedicated team effort.

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