HS2 High Voltage Power Lines (HVPL) - £600m

Over a 7-month period between 2021 and 2022, HhM worked on Amey and UKPNS’ joint venture (JV) bid for HS2’s HVPL contract.

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Project Overview


Hillhouse Morgan (HhM) took on a comprehensive project to help Amey and UKPNS win the HS2 contract for the design, manufacture, supply, installation, testing, commissioning, and maintenance of High Voltage (HV) power supply systems. Spanning a considerable 280 km track, the scope of the project was vast and complex.


Initial Engagement and Challenges


Initially, HhM was engaged at the project’s launch to aid in composing the Joint Venture’s (JV) successful Request for Qualification (RfQ) submission. We were later drafted back in at the RfP stage to provide bid management and writing support as the JV partners were struggling to put pen to paper a month into the bidding process. Recognising the potential roadblocks, we stepped back in to provide bid management and writing support to ensure the JV’s project progression didn’t falter.

‘Proactive engagement, strategic planning, and commitment to quality’

Solutions and Strategies


To set the project back on track, we integrated an HhM project manager into the JV’s team to bridge communication gaps and coordinate effective strategies. We then collaborated with both parties to agree on a bid program and established a series of quality gate reviews. This meticulous approach allowed us to develop responses from the ground up.


Our team of six writers then supported Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in developing their responses. To achieve this, we held a series of workshops and practical working sessions with the client to meticulously plan each question, from storyboards through to submission.


Results and Conclusion


Our proactive engagement, strategic planning, and commitment to quality underscored tour ability to overcome challenges and ensure the successful delivery of this complex project.


Although the final outcome is pending at the time of writing, Hillhouse Morgan succeeded in delivering a high-quality bid both on time and within cost.

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