How we can help

Our proposals demonstrate the benefits to the customer, distinguish you from the competition, and make the life of the examiner easy.

Let us maximise your bidding potential. Our services include:

  • Review past bids - identify issues & areas for improvement
  • Review supporting literature
  • Pre - tender release preparation
  • Subject Matter Expert preparation
  • Final Report
  • End to end management of tender responses (complex/large scale tenders)
  • Development of bid management processes for future tenders
  • Development of standard documentation
  • Create a bid library
  • Creation of the model project plan identifying dependencies, milestones and critical path activities
  • Draft responses to all or selected questions for a tender where customer lacks knowledge or expertise
  • Enhance and improve initial question responses
  • Independent Peer/'Critical Friend' Review of Client Tender response
  • Evaluate as per 'Contracting Authority' – indicative scoring and areas for improvement highlighted
  • Assurance of Tender Response before submission
  • Quality assurance appraisal of all standard documents used for Further Competitions
  • Training of key Bid Management staff to improve internal capability, including:
  • Preparing for the Tender
  • Private & Public Sector Procurement
  • Bid Writing
  • Understanding and fulfilling the scoring criteria
  • Review feedback, award outcome and procurement processes undertaken by Contracting Authorities and identify flaws/issues to potentially challenge if an award outcome is dubious
  • Permanent or interim resourcing of Bid Writers and Bid Management review staff
  • Identification and attraction of candidates
  • Pre-interview screening
  • Presentation of Quality Assured candidates

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